Shipping Info & Costs


(Turn Around Time)

The Lacquester US Shop opens for Pre-orders for set time periods. After this Pre-order period polishes will be shipped to our US shipper in Phoenix AZ. Upon arrival individual orders will be shipped to stated order shipping adresses and you will receive Track & Trace info through our shopping system when your order is shipped.

Info on Pre-order periods and TAT info will be listed on the following platforms: Instagram: @Lacquester or Lacquester Facebook group: Lacquester Lovers

Shipping Costs


United States

US Orders max 6 bottles

  • Standard charge is $ 3.50. Every extra bottle is $0.50
  • These will ship as First Class Mail
  • You can also choose to ship these Priortity Mail with a flat rate of $8.25

US Orders over 6 bottles

  • For orders over 6 bottles shipping is $8.25. These will ship Priority Mail

US Free Shipping

  • Orders of $80.00 and over will receive Free Shipping.
  • Free shipping will be automatically applied to your cart once you reach the required order amount



Canada Orders max 4 bottles

  • Shipping is $ 15.00.
  • These will ship First Class Mail International

Canada orders over 4 bottles

  • Shipping is $20.75.
  • These will ship First Class Mail International

Canada Discount for orders over $79.00

  • On check out please use coupon code: canada80 to receive a $10.00 discount on your order.
  • For now this code will not work during Sales periods!!!